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Laser for Hair Removal - Laser for Hair Removal
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Laser for Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a subject that everyone at some point has heard about but not too many people know facts about, this is because a lot of myths surround this particular subject. This website is created so that you can have all the facts, myths and doubts answered in one place so that you make a well informed decision. The forum on the site is created as a  place where we want to encourage everyone to ask questions and give your opinions on the subject of Laser Hair Removal so that everyone can have clarity on this subject. So please feel free to post any questions and reply to any questions asked in case you would like to share your experience or have an answer to that particular question. To make sure that the questions are answered in a factual and correct manner, we have our panel of doctors who will monitor this forum.

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5 Facts of laser

Laser hair removal is for permanent hair reduction, not removal.

Laser hair removal can reduce 50-85% hair growth after the recommended sessions are completed. However laser hair removal is not permanent removal, it is a permanent reduction. Routine touch up sessions once in a few months may be required to remain completely hair free.

Getting treatment on your genital areas will NOT affect fertility.

Because the laser is designed to target the hair follicle, it will not penetrate further than just below the skin surface, and not deep enough to affect any organs.

If you have dark skin, your options are more limited.

Hair removal lasers target the melanin in your skin so it is easier to target the black hair in fair skinned individuals. However lasers like Nd:YAG laser have longer wavelengths and are effective in treating darker skin and newer lasers are being discovered and integrated in hair removal devices for all types of skin types. For example a recent hair removal device called Alma Soprano™ Ice has Diode and Alexandrite lasers that target think as well as fine hair.  Where the most recent Alma Soprano Ice – Platinum™ has Diode, Alexandrite and Nd:YAG making it the ultimate laser for hair removal

There is a risk that the laser can affect your skin pigment

One of the rare side effects of laser are permanent skin discolouration. The laser works by targeting melanin, this is the reason lighter skinned individuals are better candidates. However all individuals should avoid tanning before the procedure.

It’s not a very regulated procedure, so do your homework

Lasers come in various options. A certain spa or salon may be offering you a better price than others but they may be using a different device than the standard. Always make sure you read up on the devices available and ask to see the certificate. A lot of devices these days are US FDA approved, so do not take a chance with your skin go for the FDA  Approved ones. Also make sure a trained technician with proper experience is working on you. Your health (and beauty) is not worth the risk!

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Myth #1: Laser hair removal is painful.

Lasers give you a tingling sensation and sometimes you can feel discomfort but you can always adjust the variations and make sure the frequency isn’t too high. New laser hair removal machines come with in motion technology that works while your technician keeps moving the device so one particular part isn’t exposed to the laser for too long, which in turn reduces the pain. They also have a cooling tip so as soon as the laser touches your skin the cooling tip soothes it, making the process virtually painless.

Myth #2: I can’t get laser hair removal on my bikini line.

WRONG! Nearly any part of your body that has hair—your legs, underarm, back, as well as  bikini line and brazilian area can be treated by laser hair removal. Infact bikini line is one of the most common areas that women use lasers for.

Myth #3: I have to let my hair grow for a week before my appointment.

The laser works on the melanin in your skin. If you have grown hair it would inhibit the laser process. Also don’t wax, pluck or bleach prior to an appointment because they can make the laser ineffective. Make sure you shave before you go for a laser treatment, if you don’t then the technicians will do it for you. The reason the hair should be shaved is that it allows more of the laser energy to target the hair follicle below the skin and not the hair.

Myth #4: I have dark skin so laser hair removal won’t work for me.

Laser technology has made progress by leaps and bounds and now has lasers for even dark skin types. Nd:Yag laser is a gold standard for dark skinned individuals and works very effectively even on brown and black skin.

Myth #5: Laser hair removal doesn’t give lasting results.

After laser hair removal your growth may not completely stop but it reduces by 50-80%. But, it sure beats shaving on a daily basis! ! For optimum results, maintenance laser treatments every six months or year will help keep the hair gone and your skin smooth.

Myth #6: Laser hair removal takes hours.

Laser hair removal takes upto half an hour normally depending on the area you are targeting. Laser hair removal is way more time saving than electrolysis and almost painless especially in comparison. Also you should consider how much time you will save each week by not shaving or waxing every month.

Myth #7: I will immediately be smooth and hairless after a treatment.

We wish that was true but laser hair removal is a science not magic. The laser works on the follicle and not the hair, so it falls off after a couple of days and you need a series of treatments to see the complete result. The end result is generally always satisfactory.



Waxing your bikini line is one of the most unpleasant experiences you can go through and the hair that grows after you razor tends to be poky due to the cut edges. The least attractive point among these is that you need to keep waxing and using the razor every few days. This is why we suggesting dropping the razor and forgetting the wax to opt for a more permanent and pain free solution – Laser Bikini Hair Removal

Bikini Lines and Lasers

If you’re wondering why you should opt for laser treatment versus your razor or monthly waxing. It is because your skin in the bikini area is much more sensitive and razor may cause razor bumps and redness, post-shave irritation or worse, ingrown hair. Whereas waxing may cause redness, irritation on the skin or in some cases break out if done on a sensitive area. The bikini area is also prone to inflammation and infection of the hair follicles hence it is recommendable to use a tried and tested US FDA approved laser device for hair removal rather than various other alternatives available in the market.

Cherry on top? it’s way more log lasting than any other treatment. Once you complete the number of sessions recommended to you, you’re virtually hair free as laser reduces your hair growth from 40% to 80%. Then you only need maintenance session one or twice a year to stay hair free.


Best Types of Lasers


Ruby Laser

The Ruby laser hair removal system (Epilaser) was the first cosmetic laser hair removal system to be developed. The wavelength of this laser is 694nm, this makes it effective on even very fine hair, but more likely to affect skin’s pigment. As such, it is generally recommended for those with very light skin, which is less susceptible to discoloration.

What are the Disadvantages of Ruby Laser Hair Removal?

• Can only be used on small areas of skin
• Cannot be used on those with dark or tanned skin
• Cannot be used on those with light, white or grey hair
• The slow laser repetition rate means longer treatment times
• Side effects including swelling, burns and scars
• Newer systems are available & this machine has been somewhat outdated

Types of Ruby Laser Removal Systems

• Bison RubyStar
• EpiPulse Ruby


Alexandrite Laser

This laser has a slightly longer wavelength than the Ruby, the laser wavelength used in this system is 755nm, which enables it to achieve high melanin absorption on a wider range of skin tones, including olive skin. Perhaps the Alexandrite’s most important benefit is an increased spot size and repetition rate, which means it can treat a larger area of skin, faster. This makes it one of the quickest hair-removal lasers available. However, there is still a significant risk for discoloration and burns on all but very light skin.

What are the Disadvantages of Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal?

• The system is not suitable for use on darker skin types
• The laser used in this system can cause changes to your skins pigment
• This system can be more painful due to the high laser repetition rate

Types of Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Systems

• Cynosure Apogee
• EpiTough Plus
• Candela GentleLASE


Diode Laser

One of the newest and most commonly used laser systems today, the Diode was designed for fair to medium skin types. It uses different wavelengths of light—like the Ruby and Alexandrite lasers, the diode lasers operate at 800-810nm wavelengths to penetrate deeper into hair follicles. The longer wavelengths also decrease the risk of skin damage.

What are the Disadvantages of Diode Laser Hair Removal?

• Severe side effects may include burns and skin discolouration
• Little research available on long term results

Types of Diode Laser Hair Removal Systems

• Apex 800
• Alma Soprano
• Epistar
• Alsynite Laserlite
• Lumenis Light Sheer
• Perigee MeDioStar


Nd:YAG Laser

The Nd:YAG Laser is the preferred system for darker skin. It uses longer wavelengths than the previous three, they work at wavelengths of 1064nm meaning it has the most potential to destroy hair at the papilla(the very bottom of the shaft). However, it also has weaker melanin absorption than the other lasers (which is what makes it safe for darker skin), meaning it requires more treatments for similar results. Treatments with YAG lasers can also be more painful and less effective on fine hair.

What are the Disadvantages of Nd:YAG Laser Hair Removal?

• The disadvantage of using this laser hair removal includes more discomfort during treatment
• Less effective clearance of fine and light hair as compared to the other hair removal lasers
• Severe sideeffects may include burns and skin discolouration

Types of Nd:YAG Laser Hair Removal Systems

• Athos
• Cutera CoolGlide
• Lyra
• Medlite IV
• Alma Soprano


Combined Laser

The latest kind of laser technology available today is the combined laser technology. How this works is that one particular device has different wavelengths of 3 different lasers. This is like combining 3 Laser Hair Removal devices in 1! This is the latest technology available in the market and combines the wavelenghts of Nd:YAG, Diode and Alexandrite giving you the best laser hair removal results possible. There is only one device so far that gives you combined results and it is The Limited Edition Alma Soprano ICE – Platinum™. Three lasers work on different parts of your hair:
Alexandrite: best for thinner finer hair at a more superficial level
Diode: best for most average hair types
Nd:YAG : for deeper, darker, thicker hair follicles


Laser vs IPL



Lasers use one wavelength to selectively target one specific melanin. This allows for deeper penetration and the energy is directed straight to the target and not absorbed by the other variables in the path of the beam. Lasers will selectively destroy specific targets and not cause harm to the surrounding tissue when used properly. Laser machines are set to emit the exact wavelength required to treat you hair. For this reason the chances of skin burns are much lesser in lasers as compared to IPL devices.


IPL devices on the other hand are not lasers. These devices produce a broad spectrum of wavelengths in a band and cannot be focused to a concentrated beam. A range of different wavelengths is  given out at a variety of depths but only some of these are effectively absorbed by the hair follicle, causing substandard results and may or may not cause damage to the surrounding tissue resulting in skin burns. However IPL is widely used by various salons and parlours for hair removal because of the lower price and the fact that unlike lasers you do not need a license to acquire IPL devices.

Laser vs Razor vs Waxing


• Find out which laser device you are using and if it will work on your skin tone and hair type
• The technician you go with should have proper training and experience to make sure you get the best
• The number of years the service providing company has been in business
• Make sure the device is US FDA approved


The Bottom Line

If you are worried about laser hair removal after learning all the facts and myths you shouldn’t be. Even if the hair does remain in certain places it will be sparser and less noticeable. The Best Laser Hair Removal is not only pain free if you go to the right doctor with the right device but also cost effective.  And most importantly it definitely beats the hair removal torture you go through now on a weekly or monthly basis as well as more successful than IPL devices with almost no side effects if used correctly. Laser gives you smoother hair free skin while cutting down the time factor to zero when it comes to regular upkeep.